Gothic Legends' Comeback.

Well, after the heart-breaking decision to close the bricks and mortar shop back in 2015, I am now relaunching the website.  Things were quite difficult for a few years, but I’m happy to report that my mojo has come back and I’m brimming the enthusiasm again.  The website has had a total make-over, and is now better than ever! Thank you millions Quay Media – I love you all!

There is new stock being added (slowly I might add), I’ve reinstated most  of my supplier accounts  and we’re booked to go to Beermagedden this year in August (27th, 28th & 29th) – looking forward to this, as it will be the first event we have attended since what seems for forever!  

Rebuilding will take time, but it’s going to be done slowly (baby steps) and carefully – I have a wonderful support structure behind me, and for that I will be forever grateful.  There is a few new Nemesis Now items, plus Alchemy Gothic and others.  Spiral will be the next one – to get some t-shirts and put something in the Clothing category (cos I haven’t managed to yet lol).  

Soooooooo, basically if you can bear with me, keep up the encouragement and generally be your amazing selves, then all will  be good. Better than good.  I  want to thank everyone for hopping on this ride with me and for the continued support and love I’ve been shown.



Gothic Legends