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A Small History of Tankards

Tankard originally meant any wooden vessel back in the 13th century. It then eventually came to mean a drinking vessel in the late Middle Ages. A 2000-year-old wooden tankard had been found that could hold 4 pints! Over time more materials were used like pewter, silver, horn, and leather. The wealthier people in the early Renaissance had tankards made of porcelain and pottery. Tankards remained popular in Europe and America for centuries. Currently, they are used for more decorative purposes like Pewter tankards on walls. Although pewter tankards still can be drunk from and safe due to no lead in the metal. In the UK, some pubs serve beer in glass tankards but it’s not as common due to branded pint glasses.

Caring for Your Tankard

Nemesis Now tankards come with a removable stainless-steel insert for ease of cleaning. Recommended to hand wash the insert and use vinegar solution for stubborn stains. The resin exterior is hand-painted so cleaning may cause damage to the paint. If you need to clean the exterior use a soft cloth and warm water whilst being gentle. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and sponges as this could damage the finish. Once clean make sure all parts are fully dry before reassembling. Finally, fill your tankard with beer and relax! For any care inquiries for your specific tankards email

Design, Size & Quality of Our Tankards

With designs with Skulls & medieval, Films and Bands there is a wide range of tankards to choose from. Nemesis Now has licenced designs from your favourite bands AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden & much more. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Or a Lord of The Rings lover, we have a wide selection of Films & TV to choose from. The sizes can range from between 15cm and 17cm tall and can be as wide as 24cm. Cast in the finest resin with a stainless steel insert these tankards are of the highest quality. These vessels have a beautiful hand-painted finish to show intricate details. Classed as decretive tankards but are safe to drink from due to the stainless-steel insert.

About Gothic Legends

Gothic Legends started in 2009 as a brick-and-mortar shop and has now evolved to be an online UK store. Gothic Legends is a family-run business with 20+ years of retail, design & e-commerce experience. Trading for 15 years as Gothic Legends, we have built a trusting name in the Gothic community. The Gothic Legends family have been in and around the Gothic community for most of our lives. We pride ourselves on finding the best brands out there to bring you the best quality products.

Shipping & Satisfactory

We aim to get your tankard to you within 3-5 days with standard EVRI shipping. Post and packaging cost £4, we also offer free delivery for orders over £40. When the order is complete you will receive a tracking code. If you do not get an email, please check your junk, or email us at For any other delivery information please see the delivery policy. if you are not 100% happy with your item, send it back to us and we will happily refund you. For more information, please see the Returns and Refunds Policy. Customer reviews consistently praise the quality, variety, and overall experience of our years in the gothic world. If you would like to leave us a review then please do, every review helps us here at Gothic Legends!

Our Testimonials

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"Absolutely love Gothic Legends. My Teds arrived today and they are beautiful. Highly recommended."
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"lovely products, great service"
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"Super efficient service, beautiful tarot cards and great advice from the utterly fabulous Ali! Get yourself some goodies, you won’t be disappointed"
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"Excellent and great work! Have a great day and a nice new year!"
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"Just wanted to say thank you Ali. I picked up the cuddly Sadie doll I ordered today from the post office. My son will love her. She arrived safely and speedily. X"
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"Lovely People And A Lovely Atmosphere. Highly Recommended Shop...."
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"Best shop been in to for a long time I always pop in when in town You must visit"
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"Visited the shop in Trowbridge for the first time last weekend...loved it!! Will be going back soon, they have so much cool stuff."
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"Very excellent and cool people!"
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"Awesome page"
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"Ideal for the alternative and fantasy"